Coub's Dead, Baby, Coub's Dead

The untold part of the Ukrainian war is that russian intellectual elite has vanished from existence. They have been methodologically destroyed during Putin’s internal repressions. This could start the count from the death of Boris Nemtsov on February 27th, 2015. Although the repressions have started way sooner, when russian propaganda machine refused to accept any alternative point of view other then the one coming from the Fuhrer.

russian artists, who don’t agree with the invasion, flee their country. They condemn Putin and their leadership, but they do not have will to fight it. So if they are still alive, they will dissolve in other countries cultures, effectively deceasing the culture.

The one last (good) piece of the dying culture was You can follow my twitter thread about the service.

On April 1st, the service will go down. It’s probably because of the sanctions that were imposed to russian government and they cannot pay their Amazon bill.

Over the years I hand-picked the collection of roughly a thousand videos. I couldn’t let them dissolve in cosmic chaos, so I’ve backed them up.

Even after coub’s dead, baby, you will still see the embedded repeating videos in my posts.

That’s that.