Day 8 Ukrainian War

177 full hours since the start of the war. Russians entered Ukraine bringing death, chaos, and destruction to Ukrainian cities. They tirelessly bomb civilians at schools, hospitals, pet care centers, and homes. Ukraine stands strong, drains 10 liters of Russian blood for every square foot of it’s land. Ukraine is a large country, but, sadly, the invader has much more blood.

It looks like sanctions start to kick in. Russians flee their country in search of safe harbor. Beware, it’s a matter of time when Putin comes to the countries where Russians flee and saves them. Don’t let them in! Have them go out to their city streets and protest the war! It is totally their fault that they allowed a fascist rule their country, they allowed death and destruction of peaceful neighbor. If they don’t stand against the regime in their country, do you think they will protect yours?

The recent video reports from Russia show it all. Average population supports Putin’s actions. They justify murder of civilians in Ukraine by pronouncing the same propaganda nonsense again and again. They hoard IKEA and McDonald’s knowing that it will be closed tomorrow instead of showing their resistance.

The Western allies are flooding weapons and ammunition to help defend our territory. Ukrainians are thankful for that. Those weapons could only prevent the invader from flooding deeper.

Air Support from NATO

When Ukrainian diplomats request support from NATO to close the sky for Russian bombardiers and fighter jets it gets ridiculous. NATO still hopes to contain the mad man inside Ukraine, even allow him to destroy the entire country, pretending it’s “Cold War” era. I hope our Western allies will wake up from their daydreams and have courage to face reality. Ukrainians prevent that reality from escaping your screens into your streets.

It is definitely not the first time when Russians makes attempt to seize Ukraine. They will not succeed this time. Ukraine will remember, Ukraine will not forget! Слава Україні!