Dalia Grybauskaitė on Ukrainian War

There is a bloody war happening as I write these messages. Russians use artillery and aviation bombing of Ukrainian civilians. I will not spread the pictures of the war with you today to convince you that your most terrible nightmare is a fairy-tale compared to the Ukrainian everyday life.

Instead I’ll translate the recent words of Dalia Grybauskaitė, 8th President of Lithuania.

Fear of the West ? Are we Putin’s war crimes partners?

It’s starting to look like this.

Sanctions won’t stop Putin, no matter what they are. They are needed, without exceptions, as we see now when applying SWIFT disconnecting and leaving the energy sector and the banks that serve it…

Only a war that has already started can stop a war. No need to pretend and try to calm down your conscience by supplying weapons to Ukraine, it’s already late. Ukrainian people are at war for us, their children are protecting us from Putin’s madness.

Repetition of the mantra that NATO cannot help Ukraine already sounds pathetic and shows the cowardice of the West.

Although we are learning quickly, the West still does not understand that there is a European war in Ukraine. You either participate in and fight against the aggressor, or by standing and watching him destroy Ukraine and its people, becomes a partner in war crimes. Yes. Partner in crime.

If we do not stop Putin in Ukraine, we will have to fight him anyway, but in our countries.

Ukraine is asking for real help, and we are watching residential blocks exploding on TV screens and swear that “we support Ukraine very well”.

I am ashamed to hear when leaders and officials of NATO states complain that “can’t lead to conflict”, while we could in Syria, Libya, Africa, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan.

Today Ukraine is fighting for the survival of its nation and European peace. So will we continue to observe how an independent state is being destroyed?

Glory to Ukraine. Glory to her Heroes, so far only Ukrainian heroes, because others are not yet seen on the horizon.